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CAPE (Community Action Projects for the Environment)



Full course description

CAPE is a new service-learning program for youth groups. It engages youth, 11-18 years old, in a project by first guiding them through the process of brainstorming, learning about, and reflecting on an environmental concern. As they work with community partners, they develop a project that results in asking a decision-maker to make a change that benefits everyone. They may also build an action component into their project. CAPE was designed for 4-H, but can be used by any youth group (e.g., school teachers, Scouts, after-school clubs). A training is part of this Canvas course which includes all the information youth leaders, Extension agents, and state coordinators need to successfully create a CAPE program: Leader Guide, Project Book, slide presentations, videos, evaluations, workshop agendas, etc.

 The training program includes 5 videos and sample activities and should take about 2 hours to complete. A certificate of completion is available if all quizzes are completed with at least 80% correct items. If you have questions, please contact Megan Ennes at the Florida Museum of Natural History: or

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